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Welcome to GP Gate Motors

GP Gate Motor Repairs specializes in helping you when your gate motor gives problems or stops working. We know that having a gate motor working is very important for your safety but they do break down from time to time. We have teams on the road across Pretoria ready to fix your gate motor in no time. We carry a full range of spare parts for all the major brands such as Centurion and Gemini in both the sliding and swing gate options. Our call out fees are very reasonable and we almost always finish fixing the gate motor in less than 1 hour.

We also install new Gate Motors and service or refurbish existing motors.

Fast, affordable assistance is our motto. Give us a call today our friendly staff are standing by to help you.


Gate Motor Repairs and Services

Anything related to Gate Motors we can do! All our services carry a full workmanship warranty.

– Gate Motor Repairs
– Supply new Gate Motors from all the major brands Centurion and Gemini
– Gate motor service, oil change and refurbishment
– Insurance replacements
– New gate motor installations for residential driveways and complexes
– Sliding and Swing gates
– Heavy Duty gate motors for large gates
– Remote control programming
– Spare parts such as battery replacement and rails
– Automation experts
– Securing gate motors to make them theft proof
– Other security enhancements such as garage door, CCT and electric fencing.


Full product range of Automatic Gate Openers

At GP Gate Motors we supply and keep stock of the full range of gate motor related products.

Centurion Systems Gate Motors:

Centurion Automation is South Africas leading supplier of automation, access control, garage door openers and gate motors. They offer fully programmable electric gate motors from light domestic to heavy duty commercial. Some of the range includes the popular D5 Evo range and the A and D10 heavy duty range and the Vantage swing gate options.

Gemini Gate Motors:

Gemini is a poplular more affordable alternative to the Centurion range. The most popular motors they offer are the GEMINI DC Slider and GEMINI DC Swing. They supply both swing and sliding gate options.

Other parts and brands:
There are many spare parts that are used with gate motors. We carry stock of most the common parts including:
– Gate motor rails
– Remote controls
– 12v Batteries
– Anti-theft bracket
– Gate Beams
– Gate Intercom
– ET Nice Systems sliding and swing gate automation


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If you need a brand new installation give us a call. We can offer you a full turnkey solution. Get your gate motor supplied as well as installed. Our technicians are able to do every part of the process seamlessly. The steps include:

Step 1 – Connecting power by running electrical cable underground to the nearest connection point
Step 2 – Fixing the Gate Motor using a base plate and bolted to the concrete (New concrete is thrown if necessary)
Step 3 – Laying and fixing the rack / rail that the gate will slide on over the gate motor. The rack comes in two separate choices steel or nylon (recommended for coastal areas). A professional is required for this installation. If this is not done properly it damage the motor or gearbox.
Step 4 – Installing stoppers to tell the gate where to stop at both ends.
Step 5 – Programming the Gate Motor end and start points, speed, beams and also strength
Step 6 – Programming remote controls


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– The gate is not reacting, moving or making any sound
First you should check if the breaker and the switch are working properly. If you can open your gate motor box check if there are any lights on. If not you have a power problem. If there are lights on you might have a remote control problem the batteries could be flat or it could be broken.

– The gate doesn’t stop where it is supposed to or doesn’t stop at the end.
This is a common problem that is often related to the oil in the motor causing the sensor to not reflect where the indicator is. If this happens suddenly after your gate automation was working fine then you need to call a technician.

– Remote controller doesn’t work
If you have tried changing the battery and tested that the gate motor works with other remotes then you have an issue with your remote control. Give us a call and we can supply and program a new remote controller for you.

– The gate keeps making a beeping sound
A beeping sound is usually the cause of power outages and low batter warning. You might have broken power to your gate motor or your battery could be faulty. We carry new batteries so give us a call and we will test and if necessary replace your 12v battery with a new one.


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